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To LinkIn or Not to LinkIn -- What's It All About?

Posted by Harry S. Margolis on February 24, 2013

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By Harry S. Margolis

I recently received an e-mail from LinkedIn saying that my profile was in the top 5% of profiles viewed in 2012.  It also reported that:

  • LinkedIn now has more than 200 million members worldwide.

  • I'm connected to more than 500 other LinkedIn members.

  • Several hundred people have endorsed my skills and expertise.

  • Three people have recommended me.

  • My profile strength is "All Star".

  • I'm a member of 12 groups.

Great numbers for the most part, but I'm still not sure how it all works or what it's all for.

Can I send an e-mail to all of my connections?

If I post something to my profile or my law firm group, will my connections see it?

If I post to a group, does every group member receive an e-mail of the post?

Why do I seem to keep getting duplicate e-mails from the only guy who seems to post to the Swarthmore College group?

How can I use LinkedIn to get more clients for my estate, elder law and special needs planning practice? Or to recruit members for ElderLawAnswers or the Academy of Special Needs Planners?

Is there a way to post this blog on LinkedIn?

Do all of these questions simply reflect the fact that I'm over 50, or haven't done my homework about LinkedIn?

As you can see, I have a lot of questions. Does anyone reading this have some answers?

Topics: special needs planning, long-term care planning, Estate Planning

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