First Monday Lunch For Professionals

Margolis & Bloom hosts a lunch on the first Monday of each month (except for July and August) from noon to 1 p.m. for professionals who work with seniors and individuals with special needs.  There is always a speaker on a topic of interest and lunch is provided.

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2017 Programs

February 2017       

Heather Gold, Special Education Attorney 

The IEP Process and Appeals, What to Expect, and the Pitfalls to Avoid.

March 2017     

Blair Trippe, Family Business Consultant for Continuity Family Business Consultancy  Co-author of Deconstructing Conflict: Understanding Family Business, Shared Wealth and Power 

April   2017       

Tom Bergeron, Co-founder of InventiveLabs

Finding Success for Individuals with Learning Differences   

May   2017    

Anna Eckert Byrne, Attorney at Eckert Byrne LLC, author of "A Widow's Guide: Your Legal and Financial Guide to Surviving the First Year" A Widow's Guide: Your Legal and Financial Guide to Surviving the First Year 

June   2017     

Irving L. Stackpole, Stackpole & Associates, Inc. 

Fade to Grey: Meeting the Demands of the Aging Demographic 

2016 Programs

December 2016        

Jay Rosenbaum & Sarah Richards

Probate for People with International Assets

November 2016        

Laura Goodman, Margolis & Bloom LLP, and Clare McGorrian, Commercial Insurance Appeals Program for HLA

Health Insurance: Public and Private Options for Individuals with Special Needs

October 2016       

Karen Mariscal

Margolis & Bloom LLP       

ABLE accounts: What are they and how can they work for you? 



September 2016      

Jay O'Brien

Exceptional Lives

 June 2016     

Doug Poutasse

Wealth Inequality in America

 April 2016      

Jeffrey A. Bloom

Margolis & Bloom LLP

Latest Developments on MassHealth Treatment of Irrevocable Trusts

 March 2016    

Nora Yousif

Protect and Plan Your Social Security Lifetime Benefit


2015 Programs

 Dec 2015        

Karen Mariscal and Vanda Khadem

Divorce and the Special Needs Child

 Nov 2015        

Steven J. Samuel

How to Get the Most from Your Social Security Benefits

 Oct 2015        

Gregg Cohen

Reducing the Cost of College: Estate and Financial Planning Considerations

 Sept 2015        

Steven J.J. Weisman

Protecting Seniors from identity Theft and Scams 

 June 2015        

Patricia C. D'Agostino

How Can I Get Help to Care for the Loved One at Home?  

 May 2015        

Paul Cronin       

Succession Planning: Why Business Owners Often Don't Get it Right and How You (or Your Client) Can

 April 2015        

Cynthia Haddad

No Sibling Left Behind

 March 2015        

Jeff Keilson & Karen Mariscal       

How to Maximize Entitlements for the Intellectually Disabled Under MassHealth and Other Resources

 February 2015        

Dr. Gail Gazelle
(moved to 3.16.15)

Mindfulness Support for Caregivers: An Interactive Workshop

 January 2015        

 Carissa Figueroa

Resources and Programs to Help Seniors and Disabled Individuals Stay in Their Homes


2014 Programs


Amy Lampert Uncommon Knowledge: New Perspectives on Personal Financial Planning 


Lisa Yorra & Alexandra  Schweitzer

PACE and SCO: Innovative Approaches to Healthcare for Elders


Jamie Bush & Michael Weiner       

 MassMutual's New Special Needs Planning Software


Patricia C. D'Agostino   

Community Benefits Under MassHealth


Rebecca J. Benson

Guardianship & Conservatorship


 Jeffrey A. Bloom            

Latest Developments in MassHealth Coverage of Nursing Home Care


 Harvey Freishtat 

The Conversation Project


 Lucy Meadows

Making Decisions About Medigap and Medicare Part D Insurance 

Previous Programs



Sandra Guidrey

Is There a Place for Antipsychotics in Long Term Care?


Ruth Super

Functional Needs & Design as a Step Beyond Accessibility


Kelley Challen

Transition Planning and Services


Deborah N. Flaschen

3LPlace Transition Curriculum, Phase One


Harry S. Margolis

Hospital Discharge Protections


Kristin Hartness

Service Dogs


Steven Weisman

Scams and Seniors


Rebecca J. Benson

Consumer Protection Issues for Long-Term Care Residents



Scott Plumb

The Future of Long-Term Care in Massachusetts


Dr. Barbara F. Okun

Saying Goodbye: Helping Families Cope with Terminal Illness


John Bankhead
Scott Breault

Income Options in a Low Interest Enviroment


Stuart Millard

Supplemental Plans and Medicare Part D Option


Amy Weinstock

The Autism Insurance Law


Ann L. Hartstein

Future Long-Term Care Supports and Services in Massachusetts


Peter Hahn

Importance of Evaluations in Special Education Cases 2011



Jane Dobisz

What's Your Number? : How Much Income Will You Need in Retirement?


Dr. Juergen H. A. Bludau

Aging, But Never Old: Realities, Myths, and Misrepresentations of the Anti-Aging Movement


Blair Trippe

Mom Always Liked You Best: Resolving Family Feuds, Inheritance Disputes, and Elder Care Crises


Dorian Mintzer
Roverta Taylor

The Couples Retirement Puzzle


Harry S. Margolis

Survey of Recent MassHealth Cases


David O'Neil

Preserving Priceless Memories: Connection Generations Through Oral History


Alexander Schechter

Caring for Holocaust Victims


Lynn Serper

Learn the Serper Method with Lynn Serper



Al Wroblewski, CFP

Rethinking Financial Planning


Gwen Morgan

The What If...Workbook


Professor Ray Madoff

Immortality and the Law: The Rising Power of the American Dead


Barbara D.Jackins

Legal Planning for Special Needs in Mass: A Family Guide to SSI, Guardianship, and Estate Planning


Betsy Mullen

Nations First Green House Nursing Home, the Leonard Florence Center for Living


Dr. Gail Gazelle

The Empowered Patient: Helping Elders Get What They Need from a Healthcare System in Distres


Arlene Korab

New class Action on Behalf of Nursing Facility Residents with Brain Injuries


Kathy Spirer

 Aginig Gracefully at Home


Barbara Bissonnette

Disclosing Asperger's Syndrome in the Workplace


Jeanne Medeiros

Know Your Pension Rights Under the Federal Law?



John Napolitano

Financial Transitions Beyond Age


Emily Brower

The Effect of Payment Reform on Care of Elders and the Chronically Ill


Jon Delman

When Kids "Age Out" of the Educational System 


Jeanne Medeiros

How to ge the Retirement Benefits you are Entited to


Patricia Christello

Home Care Options


Ellen Chambers

High Rate of Noncompliance with Special Needs Education Law in Massachusetts Public Schools


Lauren Marshall

Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits


Rosalind Joffe

Professionals Who Want to Stay Employed in Spite of Disability


Judy Willett

Beacon Hill Village


Tim Sindelar

Recent Developments in Special Education



David Clarke

Making Health Care Choices for Persons Withoutu Surrogates


Annette M. Hines

How to be an Effective Advocate for Your Client or Family Member with Special Needs


Jim Wessler

Memory Loss, Brain Health and Taking Control


Leo Sarkissian

Enhancing Opportunities in the Community for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Rebecca J. Benson
Gary Zalkin 

What You Did Not Know About Contested Guardianships and We Were Afraid to Ask


Geoff Birmingham
Rachel Jellineck

You Should Be in Pictures!


Laurence J. Kotlikoff

A Solution to America's Health Care Crisis?


Jay Butler

Your Power Years:  A Preview of Tomorrow's Possibilities


Harry S. Margolis

Administering Your Special Needs Trusts:  What a Special Needs Trustee Needs to Know


Cullen Murphy

Are we Rome?  The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of America



Harry S. Margolis

Beyond the Golden Years


David and Margot Wizansky

Passport to Independence:  A Manual for Families


Dr. Elizabeth Dugan

The Driving Dilemma


Cynthia Haddad
John Nadworny 

Special Needs and Financial Planning:  How to Prepare for Every Stage of Your Child's Life


Jackie Dobson

Solutions for Accessibility


Janice Masi

A Community Based Alternative to Nursing Home Placements


Oliver Scholle

College Funding:  Strategies for the Affluent


Dr. Muriel Gillick

The Denial of Age


Blair Trippe

Mediating Family Conflicts Over Care Issues


Susan Turnbull

The Wealth of Your Life, Creating an Ethical Will



Carol Crawford

The PACE Program


Paul Royka

Marketing Art and Furniture from Estates


Al Wroblewski

Transition into Retirement


Yung Ping Chen 

Phased Retirement


Boston Center for Independent Living

Personal Care Attendant Services


Dianne Stavastano

Getting the Hospital Care You Need and Deserve!


Toby Fisher

Mental Health Policy and Access to Services in Massachusetts



Dr. Margaret O'Connor

Normal Memory Decline or Pathological Forgetting?


Deborah Thomson, Esq.

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