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Does a Health Care Proxy Trump Guardianship

Posted by Harry S. Margolis on August 12, 2011

By Harry S. Margolis

We had an inquiry from a nursing home about whether a guardian needed court approval to move a nursing home resident to another facility when she also had a health care proxy.

Under the Massachusetts guardianship law, guardians must first seek court approval before placing the protected person in a nursing home. However, agents under health care proxies have the right to make health care decisions for individuals and, presumably, this would include placement in a nursing home.

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Why Estate Planning is More Interesting Than Ever

Posted by Harry S. Margolis on June 28, 2011

By Harry S. Margolis

An article in The New York Times exemplifies the changes in families that has made estate planning both more complicated and more interesting than ever before. While the traditional Ozzie and Harriet family may have been less prevalent than portrayed in the 50s and 60s. the model no longer applies to most families today.  The Times article describes a single mom of an 18-month-old boy whose sperm donor is a close, gay friend in a long-term relationship with another man.

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Topics: guardianship, Estate Planning

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