Eugenia & Laura.

Just a quick note of appreciation for all the hard work of the last year and a half and the years preceding.  From my observations the account online via Fidelity it appears that Able/SN trust on Teri’s behalf is working well, and I am grateful to note that the funds as being invested are, it seems, keeping up with the withdrawals in good part, so that the trust will not be depleted in any short order. 

I am very grateful that I choose to have M&B handle this matter in total with me as a ’silent’ trustee, and though it was quite the feat to get it all up and running, for all concerned, it is now a wonderful accomplishment. 

I have spoken to Teri a couple of times in the last few months and she indicates that her life’s burdens have been lessened considerably by the infusion of additional funds.

So, Mahalo Nui Loa and looking forward to the years ahead in collaboration and cooperation.  

Eugenia, you and I have worked together for many years; the peace of mind that you have brought me over the distance of more than 5000 miles, though we have never personally met, has been a great blessing to me in my last chapter.  At 77, I am going strong, but your help has contributed greatly to my health.  My domestic partner Brian also shares my gratitude. 

Hitesvara Saravan


"Tricia was extremely professional and accommodating. In fact, I have given her name and phone number to two more people last week"

Mitchell Asch


“Tricia and her assistant are kind, humble, down to earth and easy to talk to. I don’t feel like there are any questions that I cannot ask. She helped my family a lot, really taking the stress out."

Antonella Acierno


Dear Harry & Eugenia,

Thank you so much for handling this matter to completion for us and for taking care of my mother's T&E needs when she was alive. I want you to know that I found it a pleasure working with you. You quickly earned my confidence in your councel and responsiveness, and accordingly, I never hesitated to contact you when I had a question. You made the process smooth and stree-free for me, for which I am very grateful.

All the best, 

Jane Winer, California


Your services were the best investment I ever made.

Terry Burks 

 Very pleased - entire staff was professional and courteous.  Thank you!  Also, easy to schedule an appointment that worked for our schedule.

Luanne and John Cunningham  

Dear Jeff,

Just a note to say thank you for your outstanding assistance and advice throughout the Mass Health appeal process for my mother.  It certainly took a lot longer than either of us anticipated, however the outcome was what we sought.  I certainly hope that this win will provide the basis for future wins for you with MassHealth as they attempt to stall the applications.

Wishing you and yours all the best.

Best regards,

Frederick B., Concord  

 Dear Jeff,

Thank you for the sympathy card you sent and the very kind words of condolence. Our family also wishes to thank your immense help, a very favorable outcome, the integrity with which the firm works and of course, your patience.

Anonymous, Boston 


Aside from the fact that we are clients of yours, we are also fans!  Your newsletter is wonderful, and I have often forwarded it.  As the grandparent, adoptive parent, and guardian of a medically fragile young man (now 27), I am very involved as a volunteer at local and state level with the disability community.  I often forward items from your newsletter, and have several times specifically referred M&B to those looking for firms that can address the safeguards that our family members need.

Julie Peck, Boston 

I especially noted that not only was everyone very helpful to me but also was so pleasant and accommodating. I would definitely recommend your services.

Anonymous, Boston 

Dear Rebecca,

We want to thank you for all your help in our estate planning.  Your wise counsel and advice made a complex process easier, clarifying our choices for us.  As you suggested, Louise did obtain long-term care insurance (effective March 1st) and we are hopeful that it will add a measure of financial security for us.  Again, thank you for your excellent work on our behalf. 


George and Louise Oviatt, Lexington

Dear Jeff,

My husband and I wish to thank you sincerely for your expertise in putting our minds at ease.  You don't know how worried we were.  When we left your office, we felt a tremendous weight off our shoulders.  We thank you for your courtesy, respect, and for your time.  We will recommend you highly to anyone.

Best regards,

Bill & Dee, Worcester


You are very familiar with MassHealth issues and do not have to re-invent the wheel.  As a lawyer myself I appreciate that quality.

Richard A. Johnston, Boston

Dear Mr. Bloom and Mr. Margolis,

My mother's application for MassHealth, as I am sure Jeff knows, has now been approved, and I thank the firm for all the good work.  I thank Jeff for his several meetings with me; I appreciate the thoroughness and clarity of his information, - which he knows I value highly. 

But, gentlemen, thanking the two of you is much the least important reason for writing to you now.  As I am sure you are aware, it was with Julie Dyer with whom I worked in the vast majority of the meetings, phone calls, and correspondence that were conducted to bring this matter to a successful resolution.  This was a great pleasure.  Though I imagine you already know of her excellence from your side of the table, I want to tell you how it was for me from my side.

Julie combines precision with charm, having them both in such a high degree as to make working with her real and unusual pleasure.  Consider also that the matter being dealt with - the care and financial support of a paralyzed 96 year old parent -  is fraught with emotion and discomfort of various sorts.  But Julie always made it easy - indeed, something to actually look forward to - to call on her for the next clarification or the next required document.  This is not a trivial thing.  Neither the excellence of her work alone, nor her wonderful personality alone, would have made that true.  Julie is a rare person.

In sum, I felt moved, some months back, to address Julie in an email by a title of my own invention, and I urge you to make it permanent and official:  Most Excellent of Paralegals.  Certainly, if I again visit your offices, I hope to see a placard to that effect prominently displayed!

All the best,

Sidney Becker, Arlington

I can't imagine a friendlier, more understanding, or more competent firm.  You are the best!  Particular appreciation goes to Eugenia Andrade for being so efficient, thoughtful, and congenial.

Derek Williams, East Hardwick

Thank you for arranging Christina to speak to our Boston Bridge Group.  She was great and an informative speaker, and she clearly cares about the population she works with.

Elana Kieffer, Boston Bridge Group

Meeting with Jeff Bloom was very re-assuring; he exudes competence!

Peter Kingsley, Marblehead

Dear Jeff,

Thank you so much for your hard work, extraordinary effort, and wise approach to my mother's case.  Of course, the victory is very welcome.  But, in addition, your calm manner and positive, sincere outlook kept me grounded.  I am forever grateful!


Kay Stein, Randolph

Rebecca Benson was completely conversant with my issues from the outset.  She demonstrated, in our first meeting, a full understanding of what was at stake and outlined how the issues might be overcome.  She patiently addressed my concerns and reviewed the merits and risks associated with each of the strategies under consideration.

Throughout the legal process, Rebecca's professionalism and expertise, her keen judgment and personal integrity impressed and reassured me that I was in very capable hands.  It is a tribute to Rebecca at the personal level that, as stressed as I was by the matter that had brought us together, I found working with her to be a pleasure.  I also very much appreciated the work that Julie Dyer, a senior paralegal, produced on my behalf.  Her knowledge, efficiency and responsiveness added significantly to the overall positive experience I had over the course of a lengthy and uncertain process.

All in all, I have only the highest regard for the quality of service provided to me by Rebecca Benson and Julie Dyer of Margolis & Bloom, LLP.

Anonymous, Boston 

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