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Margolis & Bloom: The Family Protection Firm

Harry Margolis, founder of Margolis & Bloom, LLP, discusses the deeper goals of the firm and the essence of the work done by its attorneys. Looking beyond the legal categorizations of its practice areas, Margolis explains that "what we're really about," in the end, is protecting families. 

Whether it be through planning an estate, establishing a special needs trust, advocating for special education or managing a client's assests, the attorneys of Margolis & Bloom are dedicated to, above all else, the protection of their clients and their families.

Harry Margolis

Estate Planning 101: A Brief Presentation on the Basics of Estate Planning

Attorney Margolis narrates this brief, five-minute presentation on the basics of Estate Planning. Learn about the importance of a well managed estate and what stategies you can use to ensure your estate is well managed and that your assests are protected.

Covered topics include preparation for the possibility of incapacity or long-term care later in life, passing on an estate to one's heirs, avoiding probate, minimizing estate taxes, and how trusts can be used to protect what you leave for your family.

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