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Why Lawyers Should Think Twice About Serving as Trustee

Posted by Jamie Marshall on April 28, 2011

By Harry S. Margolis

The story of a Massachusetts attorney who received a three-month suspension for failing to fulfill his duties as co-trustee of a special needs trust should serve as a cautionary tale for any attorney (or anyone else for that matter) asked to step into this role. The attorney was only two years out of law school when in 2003 a client asked him to become the independent co-trustee of a special needs trust for the benefit of the client’s son.

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Topics: trusts, special needs planning, Special Needs Trust

Should You Have to Spend Down for MassHealth Coverage?

Posted by Jamie Marshall on April 25, 2011


By Harry S. Margolis

We recently received this question from one of our readers:

Since when does a nursing home require that all assets be given to them, including life insurance policies before going on MassHealth? Why should they get every penny while the person is alive and after they die too?

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Topics: MassHealth planning, long-term care planning, MassHealth

Put It In Writing Before You Move In

Posted by Jamie Marshall on April 11, 2011

extended famExtended families living together was once common, and it’s a new trend as well.  According to the Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C., 49 million Americans, 16% of the U.S. population, live in households with at least two adult generations.  This number grew 17% during the great recession and hasn't stopped. The number of Americans living in extended families increased from 58 million in 2001 to 85 million in 2014.

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MassHealth Nursing Home Residents Should Keep Their Medigap Insurance

Posted by Jamie Marshall on March 23, 2011

nursing home residentThe families of nursing home residents moving from private pay to MassHealth coverage in nursing homes often ask whether they should maintain their Medicare supplemental insurance policies. We generally tell them that it’s up to them because it makes not financial difference.

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Topics: Medicare, nursing homes, MassHealth

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